Pet Regulations

Regulations for furry friends

1.- Access to any area of the hotel is allowed as long as your pet is on a leash at all times.
2.- You must have a valid vaccination card.
3.- Within the entire hotel grounds there is no place that allows your pet to solve their needs, so you should walk around the hotel outside collecting your stool.
4.- The hotel puts at your disposal a kit for the collection of excreta in case you need it (not included).
Find out at the Reception.
5.- Pets cannot be inside the room when cleaning. Please notify your housekeeper or reception so they can make your room.
6.- Any damage caused by the pet is the responsibility of its owner. Any damage will be charged to your authorized card in your reservation.
7.- The space and tranquility of the other guests must be respected.
8.- Pet hygiene is the responsibility of the master in charge.
9.- All pet owners must leave a mobile phone number to be able to locate it in their absence, if the animal is alone in the room causing possible inconvenience to the other clients of the hotel.
10.- It is forbidden to use the crockery and glassware intended for our guests to feed their pet. We will provide special bowls intended for that purpose.
11.- The owner of the pet will have the obligation to keep it in proper hygienic and sanitary conditions.
12.- Do not bathe your pets in the showers of the room, or use the towels of our establishment to dry it.
13.- When making the reservation, please pre-advise that you are traveling with a pet and the details of it.